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Ako Panui

Ako Panui
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This is a set of five first readers in te reo Maori. These books for preschool children have simple language and humorous stories - starting children on the path of learning to read Maori and the enjoyment of books. Each book has a complete English translation of the reo Maori text.The books are illustrated by designer and illustrator Scott Pearson and come in a slipcase box. The titles in the set are:1. He Kai Ma Poni is a story about colours - a pony eats brightly coloured flowers until it doesn't see the bee in the yellow flower and is stung.2. He Ra Kuri is about recognising different shapes as a girl takes her lolloping dog around an agility trial. At each test there is a mishap, but the dog gets a star for its enthusiasm.3. Te Waimarie Hoki sees Mum and her son using different vehicles to get to town, but each breaks down in a different way, until a train picks them up and their vehicles too.4. Me Haere Taua? sees pig imagining ways to get through, over or under a river. Finally, pig gets on elephant's back to cross - to the fair.5. Tau Ke teaches counting up to ten, as groups of animals get into funny costumes and go to a party.

Title: Ako Panui
Format: Boxed Set
Publishing status: Active
Publication date: 28/10/2016
Price: $30.00
RRP: $30.00
Imprint: Huia
Publisher: Huia Publishers
ISBN: 9781775502302
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