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Tatau A Cultural History of Samoan Tattooing 2018

Tatau A Cultural History of Samoan Tattooing 2018
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The Samoan Islands are virtually unique in that tattooing has been continuously practised with indigenous techniques: the full male tattoo, the pe'a has evolved in subtle ways in its design since the nineteenth century, but remains as elaborate, meaningful, and powerful as it ever was.

This cultural history is the first publication to examine 3000 years of Samoan tatau. Through a chronology rich with people, encounters and events it describes how Samoan tattooing has been shaped by local and external forces of change over many centuries. It argues that Samoan tatau has a long history of relevance both within and beyond Samoa, and a more complicated history than is currently presented in the literature.

It is richly illustrated with historical images of nineteenth and twentieth century Samoan tattooing, contemporary tattooing, diagrams of tattoo designs and motifs, and with supplementary photographs such as posters, ephemera, film stills and artefacts
WINNER Illustrated Non-Fiction

Title: Tatau A Cultural History of Samoan Tattooing 2018
Year: 2018
Format: Hardback
Publishing status: Active
Publication date: 09/08/2018
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Imprint: Tepapa
Publisher: Te Papa Press
ISBN: 9780994136244
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