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Whale Oil

Whale Oil
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Margie Thomson, accomplished author, has researched the struggle of Matt Blomfield, an Auckland businessman, to save his reputation after a relentless online attack by Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater. Blomfield then fought for his life in his own backyard after an armed gunman tried to shoot him. A gripping read, this story shows us how unprotected we are from digital attacks and how time-consuming and costly the path to justice is. This real-life drama has been taking place since 2012, with him finally winning the defamation case in March this year.

Title: Whale Oil
Format: Trade Paperback
Publishing status: Active
Publication date: 29/05/2019
Price: $40.00
RRP: $40.00
Imprint: Potton & Burton
Publisher: Potton & Burton
ISBN: 9780947503819
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  • Price: $40.00
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