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Life as a Casketeer

Life as a Casketeer
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Stars of the hit television series The Casketeers, as seen on Netflix

Francis and Kaiora Tipene aren't your typical funeral directors. With their famous humour and big-hearted personalities, the TVNZ and Netflix reality TV stars are changing the way we think about death and grief.

Life as a Casketeer reveals how Francis and Kaiora grew up in families that had few possessions but were rich with love and tikanga, and how they came to work in their often misunderstood profession. It's also a book about the Maori world view and traditional funeral customs. The Tipenes make death feel less mysterious and life feel more precious.

But most of all, Life as a Casketeer is a love story - for whanau, for culture and for each other. It is full of joy and sorrow, tears and laughter.

Title: Life as a Casketeer
Format: Trade Paperback
Publishing status: Active
Publication date: 04/02/2020
Price: $40.00
RRP: $40.00
Imprint: Harper Collins
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (New
ISBN: 9781775541486
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