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1.5 Hectare World

1.5 Hectare World
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The 1.5 Hectare World is a delightful, funny, perceptive book crammed with the observations of someone with the time and skill to observe the world around him in a way so few of us ever do. David Yerex is fascinated by Nature but two decades of close contemplation have left him with more questions than answers, though it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference. The 1.5 Hectare World is about life in the country as it's never been written about before, with a number of myths gently deflated along the way. David Yerex writes about animal instincts that look remarkably like intelligence, about animals and birds that refuse to recognize human claims to "ownership", and a host of experiences which sometimes amazed, often amused, and frequently confused, but were always rewarding. David Yerex has written over 20 books, several on historical topics but mostly on aspects of agriculture in New Zealand. This whimsical and thoughtful book is his most personal - and possibly the most insightful.

Title: 1.5 Hectare World
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