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How to Build an Online Business

How to Build an Online Business
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The Internet of Things. Machine-learning. Artificial intelligence. Augmented reality. Advanced robotics. What do they all mean and more importantly, what do they mean for you and your start-up or small business? As we become an increasingly 'connected' society, the way we work, play, buy, learn and communicate will change. Dramatically. Are you ready? Will your business flourish or flounder in the new digitally-connected world? Do you even know what 'connected' means? Never before has so much been at stake. Digital disruption is not just 'Web 2.0 on steroids'. It is a fundamental restructuring of the way business operates and indeed, the very way we live. All businesses - from child-care to aged care, from car repair to stocks and shares - will be affected. Who will be the winners? Who will be the losers? The answer is in your hands and the solutions are in this book. The future of your livelihood is too important to leave to chance. Find out exactly what the next wave of digital disruption holds for your business and put the necessary steps in place to make sure that you are the winner in the 'logarithmic lottery' that is about to become our 'new normal'.
This book is the small business owner's ultimate guide to understanding, profiting and maximising the opportunities that digital disruption provides.

Title: How to Build an Online Business
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Publication date: 08/03/2018
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Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia Lt
ISBN: 9780730345466
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