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Carters Guide to NZ Contract Law

Carters Guide to NZ Contract Law
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Carter's Guide to New Zealand Contract Law is a clearly written and user-friendly text, making contract law easy to understand and apply. It illustrates particular issues by reference to decided cases (including case studies), hypotheticals and sample contracts. It simplifies difficult cases, is logically structured, fully footnoted and has a comprehensive index as well as featuring quick quizzes and questions and answers for each chapter to enable students to test their understanding of the topic. Adapted from the third edition of leading Australian text Carter's Guide to Australian Contract Law by authors John Carter and John Ren, Carter' s Guide to New Zealand Contract Law is an invaluable guide to the complexities of contract law for New Zealand commercial law students.
Features * 'How to' chapter devoted to a discussion of how to draft a contract, answer exam questions, etc * Glossary of contract terms * Sample contracts * End of chapter 'quick quizzes' to reinforce student learning * Bibliography and abbreviations * Detailed problems on every chapter[ and worked solutions are included in the book] Related Titles Burrows, Finn and Todd, Law of Contract in New Zealand, 5th ed. 2015 Walker, Student Companion: Contract Law, 6th ed. 2014 Adams and Drake, Q&A Contract Law, 3rd ed. 2014 Carter, Contract Law in Australia, 6th ed. 2012

Title: Carters Guide to NZ Contract Law
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Publication date: 05/07/2016
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Publisher: LexisNexis New Zealand
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