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People Awards

People Awards
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Welcome to the People Awards! The ceremony is about to begin.

Who will win the Best Hat award? Who will be named Bad-Tempered Musical Genius? Who gets the Stand Up For What You Believe In prize?

A celebration of 50 famous people from around the world who made history and changed the world for the better, with stunning art from award-winning artist Ana Albero.

Featuring: Albert Einstein; Wangari Maathai; Abraham Lincoln; Valentina Tereshkova; Leonardo da Vinci; Marie Curie; Mahatma Gandi; Trischa Zorn; Pablo Picasso; J. K. Rowling; Vincent Lingiari; Tim Berners-Lee; Ellen de Generes; Nelson Mandela; Mary Anning; Alfred Nobel; Frida Kahlo; Louis Pasteur; Gabriel Garcia Marquez � Olaudah Equiano; David Bowie; Anne Frank; Confucius; Cleopatra; Pel�; Beethoven; Maria Montessori; Tegla Louroupe; Malala Yousefsai; Isaac Newton; Erno Rubik; Sejong the Great; Jan Amos Komensk�; Katherine Johnson; Roald Amundsen; Hanae Mori; Eva Peron; Joan of Arc; Sir Donald Bradman � Queen Anna Nzinga; Rosa Parks; Muhammed Ali; Antonia Rodrigues; Simon Bolivar; Rigoberto Munchu; Antoni Gaud�; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Hans Christian Andersen; Sappho.

Title: People Awards
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Publication date: 25/07/2018
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ISBN: 9781786030634
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