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1918 Broken Poppies

1918  Broken Poppies
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Four Christmases have passed since the world went to war in 1914. Struggling to survive in the trenches, close to enemy lines, amid the terror of gunfire and the whine of warplanes, Kiwi soldier Henry Hunt rescues a shaken little dog. He has no idea he'll soon be facing a disciplinary hearing. To Henry's relief, the Major allows the little foxie to live this time. Henry finds the dog is not only a comfort to his fellow soldiers on the battlefields of France, but a great ratter, too. Together, can they survive the Great War?

Title: 1918 Broken Poppies
Author: HUNT DES
Series: Kiwis at War
Format: Paperback
Publishing status: Active
Publication date: 01/03/2018
Price: $19.00
RRP: $19.00
Imprint: Ashton Scholastic
Publisher: Scholastic New Zealand Limited
ISBN: 9781775432821
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