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Dawn Raid

Dawn Raid
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Like many 13-year-old girls, Sofias main worries are how to get some groovy go-go boots, and how not to die of embarrassment giving a speech at school! But when her older brother Lenny starts talking about marches and protests and overstayers, and how Pacific Islanders are being bullied by the police for their passports and papers, a shadow is cast over Sofias sunny teenage days. Through her heartfelt diary entries, we witness the terror of being dawn-raided and gain an insight into the courageous and tireless work of the Polynesian Panthers in the 1970s as they encourage immigrant families across New Zealand to stand up for their rights.

Title: Dawn Raid
Series: My New Zealand Story
Format: Paperback
Publishing status: Active
Publication date: 01/03/2018
Price: $18.00
RRP: $18.00
Imprint: Ashton Scholastic
Publisher: Scholastic New Zealand Limited
ISBN: 9781775434757
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